1. Are you fully insured to carry passengers?

Yes, we hold comprehensive Private Hire insurance which covers fare-paying passengers.

2. How well do you maintain your vehicles?

As you would expect our vehicles are rigorously maintained. Also, under the new chauffeur licensing law vehicles must have a thorough safety inspection (similar to an MOT) every 10 weeks.

3. For airport transfers, will the same driver do the outward and return journey?

We try to use the same driver but this cannot always be guaranteed. Whoever is driving will hold a nameboard for you at the Arrivals Lounge.

4. Will the driver be able to help me with my baggage?

Of course!

5. If my flight is delayed will I be charged for waiting time?

We always monitor flight status so we will know if you are delayed and adjust accordingly. The quoted price normally includes 30 mins waiting and parking which should be enough time to meet you. There may be additional charges if you are very delayed after having landed.

6. If I have a car to go to a meeting, can I leave belongings in the vehicle?

The car is yours for the duration of the trip so it is possible to leave items but please let the driver know. We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to these items however.

7. What if I cancel my trip?

Our terms and conditions give the cancellation charges. However, we understand that in business, arrangements often change and we try to be as fair as possible